Anger Management

iNtegra #Angermanagement classes & #workshop helps you manage your anger that can be towards any one be it office or at home on #spouse or family members. Marriage Counselling in Delhi for Anger Issues.

Anger destroys marriage


Anger management session for one one can be taken any day. It’s a 2 hour class. If your spouse is not willing to go for anger management session then you can come on your own to discuss how to manage your frustrations from the spouse anger.

Workshops in group for couples are done every week. %-10 couples who have gone through our anger management session are called in workshop so you can relate to other people stories also. It’s a journey we all take together. You are not alone we are a family.

Anger is not a disease, it can be managed, if you just know how. Life is joyfull. So take the first step.


  1. My husband does not know how to control his temper. He shouts at me every now & then, no matter whether how small the issue is. In a minute he starts using abusive language, even in the presence of a maid or our 3yr old daughter. The result is that my baby has started showing signs of fear in such a situation. On many occasions he will either grab me or threaten me of a slap. I do not know whether it is only the male ego responsible or there is also the impacts of drinking & smoking. Need help before something major happens.
    pls call me at ########

  2. I am looking for anger management. I am not sure really. I am mostly calm. I rather say, suppressed anger. I choose to be polite when angry. I have been in and out of relationships. And most of ex’s suggested I should try anger management. I don’t know. I would like to help myself. I am kind of introvert, which adds up to me not really expressing my anger loudly. And over the span of time, I start taking things just way to seriously and get all worked up. I am good to others, but find it hard to converse without getting irritated or angry with my parents.

    I would like to know, if you can suggest any other kind of therapy that will help me improve and growth in holistic way. Thank You.. Riya Ph @ ##########