Self Help

iNtegra #selfhelp programme helps you boost #selfesteem, deal with #depression, loss of loved one. Self help is #self #counselling where you are equipped to do #selfcounselling for #life & not be dependent on others if emotional crises occurs.
Are you looking to achieve real and lasting change in your personal #life?
Would you like to get the most out of your relationships – even #save your #marriage?


If you don’t like being around your #spouse much, then you  probably won’t be around them much longer.


Given a willingness to work on a relationship, most people can make their marriages satisfying again. No one begins as a perfect partner. Marriage depends on a number of skills, such as being able to understand yourself,  understand your partner, fight well, problem solve, and negotiate differences. Sometimes patterns we learned in our #families growing up are not effective, but are carried over to a marriage. And sometimes the stresses of life make it difficult to stay happily married.

Self Help counselling helps you to explore yourself.