#Pre-marital #counselling involves testing needs & expectations now & what will be after #marriage.

iNtegra offers #pre-marriage preparation classes for soon to be married couples. Relationship counselling to two people who are already in a relationship but don’t have a name for the relationship yet and more.

iNtegra Premarital or #Relationship #counselling offers a safe and confidential environment where individuals and couples can explore their relationship concerns with an experienced, professional iNtegra #counselor. By helping you to identify the roots of your difficulties, #iNtegraCounselling in Relationship-counselling brings clarity and facilitates positive change & strong foundation for #marriage.

Some of the fears are cleared after pre marriage #counselling session are :

  • She/he will always struggle within himself with the choice he makes when he puts me first
  • We will never be an adult and sophisticated couple that has a mature lifestyle, but we will be borne down by family obligations and duties
  • We will never travel for fun or because we want to explore new things together.
  • He/She will never be okay within himself living away from his parents


Do you know what you want in would be spouse ? 


  1. i am 26 yrs.I am in love with a boy from our relatives, but the problem is he is less qualified then me,so my parents don’t accept him. I tried to convince them, but they are not ready.and i can’t forget him and don’t want to marry anyone else. I can’t be happy i don’t understand how to convince my parents…is it necessary that boy should be more educated then girl?against my happiness i cant marry anyone only because my parents want?my parents can be happy,but what about me…i will be unhappy for my whole life….please help me out of this…. call me at ##########.

  2. Both family against marriage how to proceed . I lover her but both families are against our marriage. Her due to my low education & mine due to her moderate upbringing & she wont live in my town bhatinda (this is where my family is right now) so they would want daughter in law to come stay with them, But she works in Gurgaon & will not leave her job as she wont get the package in Bhatinda what she is getting. She working as a financial analyst in MNC. Though I m thinking to leave everything & go to some other city with her. I run my own online business & make around the same amount of money she makes but by education level I am only graduate & she did her Masters in Finance from UK. please call me @ ########## & guide me or we can both come to your Gurgaon counselling office.

  3. My father have searched a guy for me.who is age of 30 yr. I don’t wnaa marry with him i don’t like him at all. But i cannot deny to my family for marriage. Date of marriage has fixed of 1 sep. 2014. I don’t understand what should i do Either should get married for happiness of my family or should choose own happiness. I really don’t get married with that guy. Plz help me what i do..? Call me at ##########

  4. i have almost 6 years of relationship with my boyfriend. In 6 years i have come cross with 7 break up with the same person only. I have fought with my family like anything for him. But every time he left me alone with some or the other reason. I am in a physical relationship with him also done abortion. I am totally confused what to do and what not to as my parents are searching a right match for me. But i don’t know for what reason i still love him , though i am very sure that he cannot stand by me ..plz suggest i m in huge depression.. i don’t know what to do. i m helpless.
    My # is ##########