iNtegra marriage counselling

With decades of experience, the team at iNtegra is comprised of professionals who specialize in all areas of #counseling and #psychotherapy. iNtegra Marriage counselling Center is in DLF phase 2 Gurgaon & in Hauz Khas, South Delhi is built upon a strong foundation of service – providing counseling for married #couples, & #families. The counselors and #therapists at iNtegra can help you find fulfillment, connection, serenity and harmony in your life and relationships.

iNtegra specializes in marriage counselling in Delhi Gurgaon & Noida.

You should meet iNtegra if your marriage unhappiness has some of these reasons or more

  • Are you Feeling badly treated by partner ?
  • Repeating destructive relationship patterns
  • Infidelity by you or spouse
  • Sense of something missing/lost in the relationship
  • Lack of communication with partner, being in shell or domination
  • Escalating arguments/ circular arguments
  • Loss of intimacy and sexual desire
  • Inlaws interference
  • Being too practical or too emotional
Marriage Counselling in Delhi
Marriage Counselling in Delhi
iNTEGRA Marriage counselling in Delhi
iNtegra Marriage counselling in Delhi


  1. We have a love marriage 8years ago, but arranged by both parents grudgingly/unwillingly.
    But, now, is about to end anyday. Major cause of trouble began in 5years ao.
    Since then, we are living in an atmosphere of allegations & counter-allegations and the consequent bitterness.
    We have two kids – 1yr son and 5 yrs daughter.
    Its a endless loop we are fighting over. I can’t make her parents understand that she has become aggressive, arrogant & disrespectful towards everyone not only me. It hurts me to see my wife in this situation. i want to help her but dont know how.
    She has agreed to go for counselling if I come along with her, so i would like to book a counselling session asap
    Kindly help to save the bond, if possible.
    call me at ##########

  2. I and my wife have frequent quarrels and I think the reason is difference in attitude which we are not able to reconcile. We have a major lack of communication. Sleeping in different rooms because can’t stand each other.
    Pls book me an appointment to see the counselor .call me @ #########

  3. Would like to get counseling regarding my 8 year old marriage.
    My wife has some issues with me regarding work etc.
    We have to kids and I like to make it work.
    We live in New Friends colony, so your hauz Khas office will suite us.
    my ph #########

  4. We are married for 6years now & during this period we have had fights on every occasion & that too over the limits. Once I had decided to walk out of the relation but then thought to give it one more try, I thought I also have mistakes which I should improve on, but I have been feeling all has gone to waste as the extent of fights is still that old, humiliating, abusive & violent. I am loosing all the hopes as he is not stopping these latter things, even when I tell him every time that all the differences between us do not mean the person is wrong, but he gets irritated on anything. I want clarity as to what shall we do further. We know each other for 10 years & all of these years have passed full of fights. My ph #########