CS : #Husband feels like an extra baggage to #wife but needs to carry him

Working hard to create an identity for yourself but being #married is hard for some people it’s really hard.

#Husband feels like an extra baggage but need to carry him because after doing all the struggle to please him you are not getting basic needs met & have to struggle yell in day to day life. Feeling all alone battling for house ?

So So marriage shouldn’t be the case in your #marriage, because you can transform your marriage into a happy marriage. Somewhere emotional disconnect due to pain or hurtful statements made by spouse feel like a baggage.

Case study : This is a case study only of a case during #marriage #counselling session of a couple in marriage counselling by a #counselor : Any names & locations are not disclosed. All case studies are written only with permission of the client on the condition of not disclosing real names.