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ABC of Happiness in marriage – marriage counselor in Gurgaon,

ABC of Happiness in marriage though marriage counselling in Gurgaon from marital counselors in couple therapy.
Avoid negative thoughts, incidents, past events in relationships, negative family people, places, things & habits.
Believe in yourself that you do deserve love & can have happy relationships. Marriage counselling teaches about relationships.
Consider things from all angles & forgive others who have done bad in past to you.
Don’t give up and don’t give in, keep balance in relationships.
Enjoy life today, yesterday is gone, tomorrow may never come, you have a choice to make your marriage a happy marriage.
Family and friends are hidden treasures, enjoy their riches. You have invested years of time & emotions in marriage.
Give more than you planned to, because more love you offer to family they will love you back more.
Hang on to your dreams, as your family does loves you & they will turn around to be an emotional support.
Ignore those who try to discourage you, rather family & loved ones who offer you motivation support be with the.
Just do it, as you can make your marriage work, leaving is not an option if there is love & you have not tried it with counselor yet.
Keep trying no matter how hard it seems, it will get easier, as you will learn skills of better communication with spouse to have happy marriage.
Love yourself first and most, because while loving the family you forget yourself that you also exist.
Make it happen, because it’s possible to have a happy marriage.
Never lie, cheat or steal, always strike a fair deal, because family is what will come to your support in bad times.
Open your eyes and see things as they really are, instead of judging from the past incidents.
Practice makes perfect, so what if you had numerous fights, but counselor can guide you new way of communication with spouse.
Quitters never win and winners never quit, so divorce seperation is not an answer till you have opted for marriage counselor.
Read, study and learn about everything important in your life, learn the relationship values.
Stop procrastinating about domestic chores as it’s your home, your family, your work.
Take control of your own happiness in marriage.
Understand yourself in order to better understand others, so management of anger & communication with family is your choice.
Visualize it that you can have happy marriage.
Want it more than anything as family should be the priority.
Xcellerate your efforts to bring peace with all family members.
You are unique of all God’s creations, nothing can replace YOU in family.
Zero in on your target and go for it, that target should be the happiness in family.

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Transform depression to Happiness

How #Depression #Counselling helps to bring happiness to people with #depression, #ADHD, #OCD, #bi-polar disorder, #anxiety & #BePositive Cure your sufferings by Psychological Counselling.

Sometimes do you have these phases ?
I am hungry but I can’t eat.
I am tired but I can’t sleep.
I am sad but I can not cry.
Suicidal but i can’t die.

People diagnosed with #depression:
-Depressed people are usually smarter than the average person.
-Depressed people have a better perspective of the world.
-Situations are even more clearly realistically seen by depressed people.

Remember : Depression is not a sign of weakness it means you means you have been strong too enough.

People diagnosed with ADHD, (Attention deficit hyperactivity #disorder):
-Counselling can help #ADHD patients to thrive in disruptive situations.
-are three times more likely to form their own business.
-embrace adventure.
-#Counselling can help ADHD people to adapt to multi-tasking.

Every person with ADHD already knows that destination addiction is part of their disorder. However, if it doesn’t have a positive outlet, it can destroy your life. It is not another person that will make your life better; it is the qualities in them that you admire. Incorporate those attributes into your own life and you won’t miss a thing.

People diagnosed with OCD:
-higher level of determination.
-People with OCD naturally have good memory.
-People with OCD are doubly compelled to learn new things.

People diagnosed with bi-polar disorder:
-People with bi-polar disorder have four times capable in art.
-Counseling of bi-polar disorder can help you discover intense creativity level.
-Counseling can help to increase ability in observing.

People diagnosed with #anxiety:
-Anxious people have high levels of empathy and able to understand other pain and joy easier.
-Anxious people understand things on a deeper level.
-Anxious people have doubly strong levels of intuition accuracy.

You need to learn the way how we manage our thoughts & don’t forget Help is available.

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The good part about having a mental disorder is having a valid reason for all the stupid things we do because of a damaged prefrontal cortex. However, the best part is seeing someone completely sane do the exact same things, without a valid excuse. This is the great equalizer of universe and our little gift for us to enjoy.