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CS : #Wife is tired and sick but still making #food for #husband

Case Study : You have #wife who is is educated & working. What if #wife is tired and sick but still making #food for husband so he should get home cooked food what do you give her in return ? A face when you are back that she should be glad you are home after working hard in #office ? How about her is she feeling ok ? how was her day ? she spent entire day thinking about how she make your home better or after work came home still working in kitchen to give food on table with a smile. Is her needs met ?

It’s not food we have to cook she just had to supervise… (look at reality)…. you are at a stage you need to meet iNtegra counselling.

Case study : This is a case study only of a case during #marriage #counselling session of a couple in marriage counselling by a counselor : Any names & locations are not disclosed. All case studies are written only with permission of the client on the condition of not disclosing real names.