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Transform depression to Happiness

How #Depression #Counselling helps to bring happiness to people with #depression, #ADHD, #OCD, #bi-polar disorder, #anxiety & #BePositive Cure your sufferings by Psychological Counselling.

Sometimes do you have these phases ?
I am hungry but I can’t eat.
I am tired but I can’t sleep.
I am sad but I can not cry.
Suicidal but i can’t die.

People diagnosed with #depression:
-Depressed people are usually smarter than the average person.
-Depressed people have a better perspective of the world.
-Situations are even more clearly realistically seen by depressed people.

Remember : Depression is not a sign of weakness it means you means you have been strong too enough.

People diagnosed with ADHD, (Attention deficit hyperactivity #disorder):
-Counselling can help #ADHD patients to thrive in disruptive situations.
-are three times more likely to form their own business.
-embrace adventure.
-#Counselling can help ADHD people to adapt to multi-tasking.

Every person with ADHD already knows that destination addiction is part of their disorder. However, if it doesn’t have a positive outlet, it can destroy your life. It is not another person that will make your life better; it is the qualities in them that you admire. Incorporate those attributes into your own life and you won’t miss a thing.

People diagnosed with OCD:
-higher level of determination.
-People with OCD naturally have good memory.
-People with OCD are doubly compelled to learn new things.

People diagnosed with bi-polar disorder:
-People with bi-polar disorder have four times capable in art.
-Counseling of bi-polar disorder can help you discover intense creativity level.
-Counseling can help to increase ability in observing.

People diagnosed with #anxiety:
-Anxious people have high levels of empathy and able to understand other pain and joy easier.
-Anxious people understand things on a deeper level.
-Anxious people have doubly strong levels of intuition accuracy.

You need to learn the way how we manage our thoughts & don’t forget Help is available.

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The good part about having a mental disorder is having a valid reason for all the stupid things we do because of a damaged prefrontal cortex. However, the best part is seeing someone completely sane do the exact same things, without a valid excuse. This is the great equalizer of universe and our little gift for us to enjoy.