5 things MUST do & NOT TO DO on #Rakshabandhan for #HappyMarriage

To do :
Ensure to forgive past resentments if any left with siblings or spouse siblings.
Have some time for siblings, Go to them or ask them to come but must talk.
If you have financial trouble or time problem then you must show your intention to your sibling. Money or expensive #gifts are not important even a phone call or message must be done, it will make your sibling happy, most importantly it will make you also happy.
If your spouse has problem with your sibling due to past rensetments then be polite & ask if you could go meet them for one hour to them.
Raksha bandhan can be a good day for you, your spouse & siblings to #forgive & forget the past #resentments.

Not to do :
Don’t just focus just on your own siblings, ensure your spouse also gets to meet or spend some time or wish their with their siblings.
Don’t hold past resentment towards your own or spouse siblings for today.
Make a priority that your spouse has more time with their siblings, If both have intention to give priority to spousal siblings then each one of you will appreciate the effort & #emotions of #spouse.
If your spouse siblings or your sibling & family are coming over to your house then ensure you have proper help available in house as it’s a festival your spouse also wants to enjoy so ensure to help spouse in taking care of guests or house hold chores.

Remember #Rakshabandhan is about Brother & sister to bond their love, respect & care for each other. Each #relationship is important in life & they add value to your own #happiness sooner or later in life no matter what the current scenrio is.
Make this Raksha Bandhan a happy one in true sense! #DearSister , #MyBrotherBestest

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